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Personalised online learning
platform for 11+ and Common
Entrance tests


Question Bank

Instant marking
Practice various questions from core topics in Maths, English, VR and NVR to prepare for the 11+ tests

Vocabulary Game

Learn new words
Essential vocabulary from over 10000 words. Learn new words, their definitions, synonyms and antonyms in a fun way

Assessment Tests

Mock exams
Sharpen your exam technique by completing our auto-marked mock tests, based on the CEM, GL and ISEB exam boards

About us

ElevenPlusCentre specialises in the preparation of children for local Grammar and Independent School exams. Along with our teaching at our office in Hounslow, this online portal provides an ideal tool to apply classroom skills and build up speed and accuracy in Maths, English, VR and NVR questions online anytime, anywhere. Our question bank contains over 20,000 continuously updated questions. These are automatically marked and allow pupils to review their performance against their peers.

Vocabulary game

A strong vocabulary is an important part of the 11 Plus process. Comprehension, VR and creative story writing skills are greatly improved when candidates have a broad vocabulary base and can easily link words with appropriate antonyms, synonyms and their definitions.

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